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Fred Gerstler, President and owner of One Pack, started his career by pure chance.  In 1979, while attending his senior year in high school, Fred’s Uncle Morey asked him to come paint his offices at the company he owned along with his partner, John Samsell.  The following Monday, Fred reported for duty at Central Jersey Steel Strapping & Supply and didn’t leave for three  years.  During that time, Fred learned all about the packaging supply industry from loading trucks to fixing steel strapping tools.  At twenty years of age, Fred left Central Jersey Strapping to pursue his own destiny and became a Maintenance Expeditor for Raritan River Steel, located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Over the next few years Fred learned what it took to maintain a million dollar inventory of forklift parts and equipment. He also learned how to work with fellow employees and, most importantly, how to be a good salesman by studying those who came to sell him their wares.  In 1983, Fred’s Uncle Morey passed away from leukemia and Morey’s partner, John, asked Fred to return to the industry as a salesman to replace his uncle.  Although a difficult period for Fred, he managed to shake off the feeling that he traded an uncle for a job and focused on customer service and the challenge of finding customers in a very competitive field.  During Fred’s four years at Central Jersey, he met Tom and EJ who, in 1989, became his business partners in their own packaging supply company. With the help of an old vendor, Great Atlantic Paper located in Brooklyn, the three partners grew an incredible partnership and business, and, for the next twenty three years, led the industry in ideas, equipment, and technology. 

Today, One Pack is an amalgamation of those years of experience and goals.  Assembling a team of talented and educated individuals, Fred and his team are ready for the next big adventure that lies in front of them. Together they will raise the bar in customer service and the quality of an industry that has steadily eroded from its glorious past. We invite you to challenge us and allow us to help you succeed in your future endeavors.  Fred has always maintained that our job is to make our customers look good in front of those to whom they report. In order to succeed in that commitment, you need honesty, integrity, and the knowledge of what we do best which is to take care of our customers’ needs at a price they can afford.

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